Short version


As you might already have noticed, my name is Matti Silfer and I am a Web Developer and a Graphical Designer. I am also a photographer and have done everything from product photography to documenting several full scale military exercises. I'm also comfortable making videos and I have done instructional videos to be released on a DVD and directed a 10 minute dance shortfilm.

To put it shortly, through my years I've had to become a man of all trades and built a large personal network of other professionals on the fields.

You can recognise my work from the following logos depending on the type of the project:

Tools of trade


As software I use the Adobe Creative Suite but when it comes to coding I'm also able to code without any WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. I never had that when I started and I find it much more enjoyable to create the code myself. Plus the code is always clean and fast!

As hardware I have a 3,7Ghz quadcore desktop with a Wacom tablet as my workhorse.

As camera equipment I got a full frame (FX) Nikon digital SLR with multiple lenses which also records broadcast quality 1080p video. I also have a portable studio equipment including 4,5 meters wide and 4 meters tall backdrop system. So I am able to do even the biggest shoots in studio enviroment and on location.



My usual business clients are small companies which are wanting to create a new or refresh their old business identity. Logos, printed materials, advertisement (both online and normal media), websites and so on.

My usual private clients are dancers, actors and other people from the entertainment industry wishing to boost their portfolios with stunning studio photographs and similar.

Of course I am not exclusively working for such clients and I am always open for new exciting projects.

Contact me and we'll have a meeting about what you need. If there is something I'm not able to do in-house then I can rely on one of my personal contacts to help out with the job.

I am not taking on new clients, due to lack of time.

Who am I? (the long version)


I could say that I am an artist and always have been one. When I was younger I was a professinal ballet dancer working all around the world. Some of the highlights were when I participated in the Danish state visit to Japan and South Korea in 2004 and performed at the coronation of HM Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, king of Bhutan in 2010. I also had the privilege of working with HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark during multiple productions.

Some of the productions were broadcasted on Danish TV, e.g. "Peberrods Suppe og Fyldt Kaalhoved" (2005) and "Livlægens Besøg" (2010).

I have always had a great interest for computing and since I got my first computer in 1992 the interest has just grown bigger. When the internet started to get more common, I started to learn web programming (if you could call it that back then). Soon I was writing code incorporating different databases and learning about serverside coding.

The logical next step was to start doing designs for the websites. The truth is that no one ever appreciates the code what makes things happen, the designer always gets the admiration after, by making it look pretty!

A few years went by and while I was working in Japan I happened to buy an used digital SLR camera. Funnily enough it had just been released in Europe when I came back. The camera opened a new leaf in my life, and now suddenly I had an other place to work within design instead of only working with the web! Now I have been making websites, designs for everything you can imagine, from 20 meter banners to even tattoos and photographing most of the material myself.

It is funny what my parents started by just buying that ridicilously expensive 28Mhz computer back in the day.

Start of January 2012 I entered the Finnish Defence Forces and started to work in the 'Learning Material Research Center' in the Finnish Military Academy as a graphical designer. I took over 10.000 pictures (everything from parades to large scale military excercises), designed advertising material (everything from massive outdoor banners to internal information leaflets), I was part of the group who was creating the Academy's own magazine which was published nationwide, I shot video with Combat Cameras and I even illustrated a book for the Defence Forces! I ended up getting a promotion to Corporal after only 5 months and also received a Dragoon Cross- medal for excellent service.

Even though it was a great experience, it also leaves a rather big gap on to my portfolio because I'm not able to show all the work I've done publicly due the nature of it.

The year 2013 was quite a special one. I finally decided to get a degree in IT so I would have something to show to the non-believers. While I was waiting for the university's first semester to start, I took a temp job as a Firstline Consultant in one of the larger IT companies in Denmark, called NNIT. The temp job turned into a fulltime job after just 5 months and my studies had to wait.

LATEST UPDATE (2019): I am still working in NNIT, currently as a Senior Solutions Architect and a technical lead for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. I'm nearly done with my studies in the Copenhagen Business School, specialising on Business Administration and Innovation Management.

My timeline

Entered the computer age.
First paid job as a freelance webdesigner.
First complete business indentity built.
First photo exhibition with my pictures. Located to central Copenhagen.
Worked as graphical designer for the Finnish Defence Forces.
Joined NNIT.
Promoted to Operations Specialist.
Promoted to Advanced Operations Specialist.
Promoted to Solutions Architect.
Promoted to Senior Solutions Architect.